The run when you have no time to run

It was one of those days where the run I wanted to do wasn't going to be the run I was going to do. Sometimes, family obligations, needs, or desires take precedent over my training. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily as I believe you need to embrace each moment of your life. And at times, the unexpected can be wonderful.

So when a very small window of opportunity opened itself I jumped onto the treadmill. Usually long runs are my favorite training run but today I did sprints. I sprinted hard. I pushed myself to the limits. I reached a higher RPE (rate of perceived exertion) than I had reached anytime recently in my training. And I LOVED IT!

My 8 fast sprints was my training today. If you can't run the distance, why not make each step you can run mean more? After all, it is just as important to incorporate speed work into your training as it is to include long runs for endurance.