Run 'til Your Green - The Countdown Commences

In just over 11 hours it will be the start of the 3rd annual Run 'til Your Green 5K on Maui. This should be an easier race in regards to endurance needed but the thing is the 5K race is a tricky one for me.

I am an endurance runner. I like the distances and the distances seem to like me. That is why I am in training for a marathon. I think it may be a good fit for me. It takes me some running time to really get my groove on and hit that wonderful running oh yeah! feeling. The 5K just doesn't offer the distance for that rush of wowness.

So why do I still race the 5K? Simply put, it is fun! I love to be out with other runners and even though I know this isn't my peak race, I can still strive to improve my performance at this distance. I can still try to set new PR's with or without the jogging stroller. And a lot of 5K's are great charity runs, which I am a huge supporter of.

What are my goals today?
  • To push myself and see what transpires. To be the best Celtic Warrior I can be! (Oh yeah, tonight I am a Celtic Warrior -- or in other words, I'm in the age bracket of 18-39 -- but not for much longer.)
  • To race smart and overcome the hurdle of a race starting in my natural body down time. Typically, 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm is my sluggish hour. The race starts at 5:45 pm. Hmmm.....
  • To have a fun run and enjoy myself!

Course records: 16:13 Sam Wilbur 2010, 19:38 Lindsey Wilbur 2010

Race Age Classes:
Leprechanus (17 and under)
Celtic Warriors (18-39)
Druids (40-49)
Arch-Druids (50-59)
Grand Druids (60+)

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