Revitalize through Rest - Day 6

Day 6 of Spreading Positive Energy in memory of my Dad.

My current training plan has me on my second rest day in the row today. This feels very unnatural due to my recent training but I wanted to try something new. Plus, rest does indeed have its benefits...both physically and psycologically. So today I'm keeping it simple on the blogging and will incorporate a bit more rest into my day.

Challenge of Day 6: Prioritize and make your personal rest and recovery needs number 1 on the list. This will not only help you but will better enable you to interact peacefully with others. In addition, do something special for that loved one at home so they too can have a moment of rest. What a great way to spread the positive energy!

Peace and Happiness!

* Want to know what is up with the orange numbers? Read Day 1 of the Spreading Positive Energy series.