Quitting is NOT an Option

Every runner has or will have the moment when they just want to quit. When you just want to get off the treadmill or turn around and run back home. Usually the moments are triggered by a run that isn't turning out how you expected it to be and those moments can come when you least expect them.

My goal today was to just run for 4 miles, a nice short peaceful run. I had all the elements in place - essential duties of the day fulfilled, family taken care of, daughter had an hour of fun in the sprinkler, so now I can run guilt free.

I got my daughter set up with her afternoon snack and jumped on the treadmill only to hear five minutes later she is still hungry, then it is another issue, and then another. My easy run starts and stops like crazy and all I question if this is really worth it? But I have it on my schedule to do 4 miles and I really want to do 4 miles.

The peaceful run I envisioned is far from peaceful. I am agitated. My legs feel sluggish (probably from the start, stop, start, stop) and I am just not in my groove. Do I stop? Should I stop?

No, I don't stop but keep running and finally begin to find some peace. My daughter is settled in and I contemplate the challenges of today's run. In all reality, it was just a mental challenge and not worth cancelling a run. I tell myself that this mental challenge will pass and can only prepare me for the mental challenges I may endure when I run my marathon.

So for today, I am happy I continued to run through the challenges and although I felt my pace was sluggish, overall I was on target.

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