The Preschool Coach

Today I snuck in a run while my daughter was finishing up her nap. In all reality, if I didn't have 100 other things to do, I could have run longer. Note to self: tomorrow during nap, start running at the start!

My plan was a nice base run to keep the juices flowing while I finish overcoming the nasty cold. I was enjoying the tunes and the pace knowing my child was sleeping peacefully by me on the couch bed. A couple of times she woke a bit, looked at me and smiled, and curled back up in sweet slumber. I have to say, it is nice that she can actually see Mommy running at times versus being pushed in a jogging stroller. I think it helps her appreciate what actually goes into running.

I was going to run just until she woke up so I could spend some fun time with her but was surprised when she woke up, turned to me and said, "Mommy, make it go faster!" And how can you say no to your coach? I picked up my pace and did a good solid additional 1/2 mile for my sweet little girl.

Keep up the pace!

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