Nike, Nike, Adidas....

Work is crazy and overwhelming right now and after picking up my daughter from school and coming home I was delighted that my husband was actually home. So what does any running mom do? I get out of my work clothes, pull on a new Nike running skirt I'm trying out, and put on my trusted Nike Free Runs. Hello treadmill...here I come!

And it gets better as I was blessed by my husband taking my daughter out to pick up some items for dinner so I got to run all by myself allowing me to fully take in and cherish the run.

Once I started to break a sweat I noticed this sweet aroma and pondered for a second what it was and then it dawned on me. Over twelve hours ago I put on some Adidas perfume before heading to work. Aha...Adidas-scented sweat. Fortunately, my mind quickly drifted away from the funny scent as I began to ponder the running skirt. I was always against running skirts for no real concrete reason other than I always wore shorts so why change? But to put bias aside and because I heard so many women raving about them, I thought I would give the skirts a try and guess what? I loved it!! The Nike running skirt for trial 1 was comfortable, stayed in place, and the boy shorts underneath were much better than I ever expected!

In my happy, elated moment I cranked up the speed and cranked up the tunes and ran myself to utter bliss! Music and running have been my two proven methods of relaxation so when they both come together, watch out troubles!

I finished my run in time to return to wife and mom when my family returned. My running shoes went back to the treadmill where they sit and beckon me day and night. But for now I can resist their call because I had my time and now it is time to have fun in another way --- playing with my daughter!

Happy Running!