The New Training Plan

I have looked at other running blogs and have to confess, there are a lot of blogs out there written by runners already running great distances. But how about those runners who are just beginning the journey of seriously increasing distance?? Well, welcome to my world. I am finally at the point in my life where I am ready to take on the challenge, have the time to take on the challenge (kind of, sort of), but most importantly, have the determination to do something for me!

I have always been a runner but more dedicated at some times than others. A year ago I took running back up after a longer than desired sabbacle due to the birth of my daughter. I have always formulated my own training plans and have always been happy. However, I wanted to try something different.

So here it is....all shiny and new! The recommended training plan for me via virtual Nike+ coach. The first mental obstacle for me will be running only four days a week a couple of weeks. So unlike me but I am open to see what it is like especially since I recently read (ok...I'm a mom so I skimmed and focused on relevant portions) Runner's World "Run Less Run Faster" by Bill Pierce, Scott Murr, and Ray Moss.

The second mental challenge for me will be the short runs on Saturday and some Tuesdays. Really, my target distance is 2 miles? I can't remember the last time my goal was 2 miles but honestly, I will stick to the plan as much as I have ever stuck to any of my plans.

I have a tendency to run more than my target weekly distances so perhaps this conservative plan will be a good thing for my running and my left piriformis muscle. Plus, to let you in on a little secret - I am already scheming some great speed work on those short distances.

Happy Training!