Maui Marathon: T minus 6 months

September 2010
Okay, so in all reality it is a bit over 6 months until the Maui Marathon commences but today I begin my separate side mission. To detail the treacherous training I will endure to realize my goal of running a marathon. Is the training really going to be treacherous? Probably not. Intense perhaps. Focused absolutely! Worth it all? Yes. Are there going to be days I don't want to drag myself out of bed? Sure. But will I still endure? That is my plan!

Currently I am training 4-5 days a week. My goal, ensure 5 days of training and incorporate cross-training and stretching on a regular basis. In all reality, I want to stretch each day due to this funny hip injury I am coming off of. It seems to respond well to stretching and is happy when I stretch, so I should just stretch!

 Sounds easy enough, right? Hmmm.....I am a mom, an optimistic mom, but still a mom.

What do I perceive as my hurdles this month?
    The Victory Kiss!
  • Incorporating training run with a 3-year old who is becoming more adamant about what she wants to do. Yes, parents are ultimately the ones who are in charge but I also am a firm believer in positive parenting and if she does offer up a great negotiation to do x instead of a run with mom, I will need to be flexible and readapt. Plus, any mom knows running with an upset child in a jogging stroller is never a good idea.
  • Incorporate those lovely long runs I dream about. You know what I'm talking about, the ones where you are running for miles along a road, a beach, or even through a neighborhood listening to your tunes knowing that your sweet daughter is having fun with Dad. Oh yes, those are the runs a mom loves!  Sounds simple huh? Not so much. My husband and I both work full-time and our work weeks are structured around my daughter's two school days. Therefore, there are no regularly scheduled family days. Yep you heard that right, there are no days each and every week where my husband and I are off together. Woah!

Hurdles aside, my tools for success are:
  • Determination and I have plenty of that!
  • I have a treadmill at home and can run anytime, when time permits. In other words, I can run as late or as early as I need.
  • My own personal negotiations to sweet talk dear hubby into taking a few vacation days here and there for me to run. And yes, he is supportive and understanding enough to actually do just that!
  • Oh yeah, and tell the world about it! How can you not stay on target when you have people from every direction asking you how you are doing and what's next?

So what is next?

A T minus 5 months update in a month and other fun blogs along the way!

Happy Training!

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