Massage - A Training Essential

I have always loved massages and at times indulged in going to get a real massage...one performed by a real masseuse. Until recently, I viewed massages as a treat or an indulgence; therefore, when motherhood came upon me, going for massages ended.

How silly I was to underestimate the value and importance of massages and as I reflect back, having massages during pregnancy and after would have made a world of difference. With my hip injury around Christmastime, I was re-introduced to the value of a good massage. Since then, I have been more dedicated to ensuring I pamper myself to the necessary massage.

You may ask how I can say pamper and necessary in the same sentence. It is easy to explain. I still view a massage as pampering because it is one hour for me to relax and let someone take care of me. How can a mom not see that as pampering? But the massage is also a necessary part of my overall well-being.

I have found that regular massages help me work through my emotions and release stress and hidden frustrations. Plus the massage increases circulation and helps my tensed up muscles release allowing me to be a better runner. But the most important revelation I had today during my massage is that massages are as spiritual to me as running is. I am in tune with my body during the massage envisioning each muscle fiber and bone, using my breath and mind to will my muscles to relax under the talented hands of my masseuse. This parallels my mindset during a good long run, feeling each fiber of my body and willing it to keep going one more mile for day.

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