How does a tsunami warning affect my training?

I woke up just before 10:00 pm annoyed. I was only awake because my husband was on the phone. I walked out of the room to see what on earth was up to only find out my annoyance was completely misplaced. It seems we are under a tsunami warning due to an earthquake (magnitude 8.9) off of Japan.

So what does a running mom do? What can I do? I know we have supplies in the house, my car was fueled up this morning, so we just have to wait. Ironically, my mind goes into auto-mode from growing up where there were hurricanes. I pull out the couch bed, add lots of pillows, get the flashlights and candles handy, and move my daughter into the living room with us. Why? Who knows. There is no logical reason. Where we live we will not see or feel any impacts, unless we lose power and then no more blogging for me.

As I wait, my family sleeps. I think about the long run I had planned for 4:00 am tomorrow and decide it is not to be. I can't be heading down to sea level within an hour of the anticipated first wave. I think about jumping on my treadmill to just relax and reflect, but refrain since I do want my family to sleep. And I remember that just a year or so ago I experienced my first tsunami warning. Nothing materialized and I am thankful because for that one my husband was down at the coastline for work. And I think of my dad because for the first warning he was alive and if I remember right, I was due to fly out soon with my daughter to see him and my family and I didn't want any aftermath to affect the flight.

And in the quiet I hear the few cars on the road, hear an occasional helicopter, and wonder when the next round of sirens will go off. I am glad that this time I did not need to go out for supplies. I learned my lesson last year. I hope that everyone in low-lying areas have moved to higher ground. And I am doing the best to put the word out to family and friends that we are okay and not to worry.

So how does the tsunami warning affect my training? It may be a bump in the road that I don't run at 4:00 am tomorrow but I will get my long run, I will train, and I will be ready for my half marathon in April and my marathon in September. How do I know? Because I run to honor and remember my dad and that is all the commitment I need to succeed when obstacles get in the way.

Be safe!

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