Fueling Your Body - Nachos Anyone?

I often joke that I grew up on burritos and nachos. But even though I did eat plenty of other nutritional and not-so nutritional foods, it seems that Tex-Mex is at the heart of my being.

As a runner who is increasing distance, it is important that I maintain a diet of certain core nutrients. I need enough protein, I need enough carbs, and I am a veggie-loving being. And one of my mainstays is still the ever-present nachos! And at lunchtime on my days off, you will often find my daughter and myself enjoying our nachos.

However, the nachos of today are not necessarily the same nachos of my past. I have found ways to incorporate more goodness into the nachos and to make them different almost every time!

 For all recipes, I start with a good wholesome chip. And my wholesome I mean whole grain. I have used a nice rice chip at times too and they have a really good crunch. I wish I could remember the name of this chip but found it at Costco. Then the creative fun begins!

Recipe 1: Top each chip with vegetarian refried beans, a little cheese, and microwave. For my daughter, she like her toppings in the center. I top mine with the lettuce, sprouts, tomatoes, sour cream and of course, the hot stuff: chili pepper, cayenne pepper, and black pepper.

Recipe 2: Mix some salsa into the vegetarian refried beans and top each chip with the mix and a little shredded cheese and microwave. This time I went a bit fruity and added some sliced cuties to our lunch. My daughter also got some craisens. I added sprouts to mine.

I have found that the food I have always loved can be turned into a very nutrional meal to support my running demands and provide more nutrients than the traditional variety. And I plan to experiment more. For example, my next nachos may contain some secret ingredients in the refried bean mixture such as pureed sweet potatoes, zucchini, squash, cauliflower, or whatever puree might be sitting in my freezer waiting to be eaten!