Finding Inspiration - A Great Runner

Ironically, I'm not one who is usually motivated by people in the standard way. In school I was often asked to write about a hero of mine, someone I admire, someone from history who I feel set a great example. These were always the hardest assignments for me because I feel everyone is noteworthy, everyone is great in their own way, and that we need to build upon our own talents.

However, last night I watched "Without Limits" and although I can't say I found myself a hero, I can say the movie is worth watching for runners and non-runners.

The movie is focused on the life and running accomplishments of Steve Prefontaine. Steve was a very determined runner and always gave 100%, if not more. He set many records and his personal bests were were - 3:38.1 (1500m), 3:54.6 (mile), 7:42.6 (3000m), 8:19.4 (2-mile), 12:53.4 (3-mile), and 13:22.4 (5000m). Steve ran in the 1972 Olympics at Munich, ran a great race, and ended up placing 4th. Unfortunately, Steve tragically died at age 24 in a car accident.

I found his determination and drive inspiring and was equally intigued by his coach, Bill Bowerman, who was a co-founder of Nike. Go figure!

For those of you who are interested and in the right neck of the woods, there is an annual 10K run in Coos Bay, Oregon in honor of Steve Prefontaine. For more information, go to www.prefontainerun.com. If I ever find myself in Oregon, you will find me running!