Everything is a Gift - Day 5

Day 5 of Spreading Positive Energy in memory of my Dad. And yes, everything is a gift! Sometimes you just need to look at the gift another way to see what makes it great.

I ended up being able to do my planned 6-mile base run yesterday and during this run, I really focused on how each element was indeed a gift.

Gift 1: My husband got home early enough for me to run upcountry. He dropped me off at "my spot" and I was going to run up to meet him and my daughter at the park.

Gift 2: The running course is essentially an uphill run as it is subtly increasing in elevation. Yes, this is a gift because it builds strength and endurance. Plus, there are a few short downhills before the next big uphill.

Gift 3: It was windy and I was running against a head wind so it was keeping me cool!

Gift 4: It was raining. For those of you who live where rain is something you do need to plan for, that really isn't the case on Maui. I can count the number of times I have had to run in the rain over the past 7 years on one hand. By the way, it is 3 times. Once 7 years ago where I made the decision to go and run in the downpour to see what it is like. The last two times, I was caught in the rain and both times, it has been light rain so no big worries. It was keeping me cool and fresh! At the end of the run my daughter even asked me if I took a shower because my hand wasn't all sweaty. My reply, the rain kept me clean during my run (but I still showered later!)

Challenge for Day 5: Remember everything is a gift. If you don't see the good right away, look at it from a different perspective.

My 5 Best Gifts (in no particular order):
  • Being able to run
  • My family
  • My husband who will go out in the morning and bring me back a diet coke (even when I really am trying to quit this indulgence)
  • My adorable daughter
  • Loving that I can make a difference at work