Day 8: Cherish each other - Daddy, this one is for you!

It has been one very long year without my Dad. Saying I am without him isn't entirely accurate though. He is in my thoughts, my heart, and my dreams but for me, that just isn't enough.

Almost a year ago I told this story to my daughter so that her Grandpa would be forever a part of her. She loved the story so much, I turned it into a book for her. You can do amazing things these days online with some time, creativity, and Snapfish!

In honor of my father, here is the story my daughter loves so much.

King Alphonse

There was a little girl with golden curls and her Mommy loved her so. At bedtime the little girl ran and climbed into bed, like she always does, and her Mommy climbed in beside her and cuddled next to her for some bedtime sweet talk. Usually the Mommy would share stories from her workday since that is what the little girl liked; however, tonight was a special night and Mommy had a special tale and this is how it goes....

In a far, far, far away land there lived a king who ruled his kingdom with love and grace and his name was King Alphonse. One day King Alphonse had an idea and said, "Let's build a castle from sand!" and everyone agreed. King Alphonse took off his crown and worked side by side with the entire kingdom. The castle was magnificent! It stood 50 feet high and had 5 turrets, one right in the middle. The whole kingdom loved the castle and King Alphonse ensured there was always time for play.

One day the people looked out and saw a bunch of turtles approaching the castle and they were afraid. King Alphonse said, "Let's build a mote." and that is what they did. It was the widest and deepest mote ever and had a bridge across it and everyone felt safe. But King Alphonse surprised the kingdom by inviting the turtles to live and play in the mote. And that is how everyone in the kingdom learned that being friends and sharing is better than fighting.

And do you want to know a secret? King Alphonse is your Grandpa.

This story was written for my two angels and is dedicated to Lloyd Racicot, written for my dearest daughter with all my love.

Challenge for Day 8: Remember the ones you love. Cherish the time with them. Spread positive energy through sharing stories of the good times, the challengs, and how we overcome them with love and determination.


  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I'm sorry to hear that you lost your father. But what a wonderful story to share with your daughter.

  2. Anonymous1:23 PM

    I wasn't able to attend your dad's memorial service...and for the first time from reading your story I am really sad. And I am flooded with warm memories of time spent with your dad. I love him very much. And I love you.


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