And the challenge is on!

I love Nike+ and was inspired to take part in their March challenge, In Like a Lion. The challenge: run 50 miles from March 7-31. Sounds good, right?

It is great and I needed the extra bit of motivation but while I slept last night for my meager 7 hours, I dropped from 255 place to 370. Go figure!

But what I find amazing is that the top runner already has an impressive 54.92 miles. How I wish I had the time to just run and get those miles in while working and taking care of a family.

Am I discouraged? No way! It is awesome to see what others are doing, to push yourself to do the most you can, and to aim to get just a few more miles officially on the record.

Hello running shoes, here I come! Are you ready?

Stats on other Nike+ Challenges:
  • 700 km* 2011 - 55 place out of 310 challengers (holding steady right now)
  • 211 miles** in 2011 - 1,733 place out of 11,696 challengers
*700 km = 435 miles
**211 miles = 340 km

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