10-mile Base Run

I climbed out of bed just after 4:00 am to head down to the gym to do my scheduled run for the day. Getting up so early is always hard even though I have never regretted doing so. It is always nice to know I can get up and that my husband is able to do daddy-duty. I quickly get my stuff together and head out of the door and by 4:30 am I am running!

The goal is 10 miles today. I quickly accept that I won't be at my work desk for a couple of hours and to just get into the groove (or rhythm) and enjoy the run. I pick a good pace and set up some slight intervals for pace/incline adjustments. I have found running at a steady pace on the treadmill is not good for me, which is fine. A true road run is never at a constant pace or incline.

About halfway into my run a co-worker comes into the gym. It has been awhile for her as well but she doesn't like running alone in the dark and so, we run together (kind of) at the gym. Ironically, she leaves the gym before me and I ponder how many people have come and gone since I started. Does this bring me down? Not at all! It really is a great feeling! Almost as great as that runner's high that I really began to feel just before mile 7.

Towards the end of the run the staff at the gym asks me how long I have run so far. I replied almost nine miles and kept chugging. Once I got to my final mile I picked up my pace and ran hard and fast for dad. It was a great run and I can't wait until I go back next week!

What did I do post-run? Enjoyed the rest of my Cytomax. I had prepared a 12 oz serving to drink during and after running. Delicious! Then some post-run stretching of my IT band and piriformis muscle and I'm good to go!