What do you do post-event?

After a run I focus on rehydrating. No matter how much I hydrate during the race, I always seem to crave more liquid post-race. My drink of choice....cytomax with amino acids or a delicious homemade sports drink. If those aren't available, give me some chocolate milk, muscle milk, or then finally I will go to plain water.

What do I eat? At first, NOTHING! Don't show me any food. Give my body time to just take in the liquid then I tend to develop a huge sugar craving. This is the one time I do allow myself a mini powdered donut (or two). The level of indulgence is directly related to the miles put in.

Now please don't underestimate the power of massage. If you can get a post-race massage, DO IT! Don't pass it up. The big races here on Maui often have massage students at the finish line eagerly awaiting to soothe any discomfort. Feeling fine? Still go for the massage. I skipped it once and paid the price the day after.

Then rest, stretch, and for me....get back to running at easy paces and short distances. My muscles say thanks when they get used. Even some time on the cycle does the trick. Just remember, you do need to allow your muscles to heal.

What am I doing post-Whale Day? Some running aspects are being applied since I spent 14 hours running around, jumping, dancing, screaming (for fun), etc. So today, rest, relax. Give my body a break. Tomorrow, back to running!

Happy running!

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