To run or not to run?

Usually that is a simple one for me. If I have the time, I run. It is the best therapy around!

But today I sit cuddled under a blanket enjoying the privilege that I am sick on a day that my husband is home too. Wow, a little time for me to recoup. The treadmill is beside me beckoning me to hop on, I must resist. I must focus on healing and recovering from this nasty cold that has been plaguing me for days.

Many times I continue to run if I am sick. If I can function and work, I run. If I feel like I have been hit by a bus, I rest. As a mom, the limits of performance are different. When I was single and a non-mom, I really did let myself relish and rest when a hint of illness hit me. Now, I push forward.

In my desire to see if I push myself too hard, I looked into others opinions on running and came across a brief article written by Christine Luff (March 18, 2010; About.com). Luff states to use the neck rule. If the illness is above your neck, feel free to run. If the illness is below your neck, rest. Sounds simple enough in most circumstances. In all reality, today my super-cold is all above the neck but I know from experience, if I were to run today, my head would be screaming and I would be more inclined to dizziness.

So today I rest and plan to get back to running tomorrow.

Happy Running!

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