Stretching....so wonderful but so often ignored

We have all heard how important stretching is for flexibility, injury prevention, and workout recovery. Yes, those gentle stretches help ease the muscles and get the juices flowing. In other words, stretching not only helps lengthen muscles but it also improves circulation.

I am sure you stretch more each day than you know. The stretch of your back when you have been at the desk to long. The stretch of your arms or fingers when you have been at the computer to long. For that matter, the stretch of your neck. When I think about it, I am constantly incorporating stretching into little moments of each day.

However, after my hip injury I have become a believer of focused stretching of my muscles that need it the most, the muscles most inclined to raise issues. And even though I do realize all the great benefits of stretching, I still find it so hard to squeeze into my day everyday. I can't say I really ignore the need and desire to stretch, only that it goes to the wayside when the life of a mom becomes the top priority. So what is a mom to do? Create means to make stretching fun for you and your children. Go ahead...get up and stretch now! Your muscles will thank you.

Happy Running!

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