Prioritizing Time

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday and it was a challenging day for me. The run I hoped to do in the morning didn't happen. I awoke at 1:00 am feeling awful due to a huge cold coming on; however, I still dragged myself out of bed at 4:30 am to go to work.

I became a working mom that had moments of sadness as I thought of my Dad and how hard things must be for my mom. I even had a co-worker get teary eyed thinking of my Mom. My mom is indeed tough and although I know she too had a heavy heart, I wonder if more tears were shed on Maui due to the weepy-natured people me and my co-workers are.

After work I turned into just Mommy (yeah) as I headed off to pick up my daughter from school. She was happily playing at the water table and her teacher said she did great talking about her Share Toy. That's my girl! However, on the ride home she confessed she did cry for me a bit at school. I told her it is okay to miss people and confessed I cried a bit for Dad. She told me that it was okay.

Once home, I began unpacking lunch bags and going through the normal Mommy/Wife routine and wished for the ability to just curl up somewhere and sleep. Instead, I turned to my daughter and announced that I think I want to run. She eagerly accepted the idea, squealed and ran off. Wow! She does like my runs! She came back with the Ice Age DVD and asked for a movie and a snack. Now I see, she had a hard day too and wants to unwind. I put in her DVD, give her some fruit pieces, and start running to Ice Age. This is a true sign that I am indeed a running mom!

The run was great. An hour of bliss to unwind, reflect, and go through my feelings. At the end, I went outside with my husband and daughter. While I stretched on my yoga mat, hubby gardened and my sweet daughter ran back and forth in the yard (in her running shoes of course) getting her exercise. She proceeded to join me on the yoga mat to stretch. I taught her some stretches, she taught me some moves (which were more cardio than stretching) and I pondered how wonderful this life is.

However, today I think I may need to take a rest day to overcome this nasty cold just a little before jumping back onto that treadmill tomorrow.

Happy Running!

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