Incline Running

For an after-Christmas and New Year's present my dear husband purchased me a treadmill. It is a much appreciated addition to my home and part of my long-lived dream to have my own personal workout room. The one catch, the design of the treadmill pushes me to now focus more on incline training versus the flat course. (You cannot set it to 0% incline.) This isn't really a bad thing when the race courses on Maui can be quite a rollercoaster at times. On that note, what are the merits of incline training?

* Incline running works your body differently as you engage your upper leg muscles.
* Incline running works your calf muscles differently by promoting more of a stretching and lengthening action.
* Incline running takes more energy. Trust me, when I first started incline training a short distance workout had a greater rate of perceived exertion than a flat course - outside or treadmill.
* Note - my incline training has a similar rate of perceived exertion as running with my daughter in the jogging stroller on a course of variable inclines. Therefore, my incline training will improve my running and races with my daughter without making her endure longer training sessions.

What are the negatives? I can think of only one major one. I had to come to terms that my incline running pace is slower than my traditional base runs of the past.

Happy Running!

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