How do you unwind?

It is the time of year when work gets crazier then crazy and I try ever so hard to squeeze in the time for me after family.

So what do you do when your day has reached that limit and you can't take anymore? Some may reach for a beer (tempting), a bar of chocolate (delicious and tempting), a bag of cookies (maybe not). What do I do? 

Yesterday started at 4:30 am as I crawled out of bed ready to confront the the day. It was an day of uphill battles and unexpected twists....I find out my husband has a meeting to attend at 5:00 pm, will I be home in time? I find out due to a booking error (a friend of a friend has a hotel booked on the Big Island, not Maui), I will be have an overnight guest. No worries, right?

My daughter joins me at work at 4:00 pm and after I finish up some essential tasks and she plays a few minutes on the toys outside my office, we begin our journey home. Thank goodness it isn't too long of a drive because now my toddler has reached her limit (I approached mine about an hour ago) and I drive with her in a full-blown tantrum. We get home near 6:00 pm, she is now in the shower with me screaming while I try ever so hard to get to the bottom of it all. Then it comes out....she still wanted to play!

Of course, don't we all? After a nutritional breakfast of waffle with blueberries (peanut butter for me too!), which I turned into a quick and easy dinner, I ask my daughter "should Mommy run?" The reply stills rings in my ear, "YES!" She is wise enough to know if I run, I will relax.

I don't run too long. Just 20 minutes on the treadmill with a couple of sprints mixed in. I don't have much more time. My daughter plays by my side, telling me stories. There is happiness in the house....finally! I rinsed in the shower one more time and in walks my surprise overnight guest and believe it or not, the house is in perfect tranquility! Temper tantrum, what tantrum? Stress, what stress?

The power of running for me is the peacefulness that emerges. It is where I am supposed to be, it is what I am supposed to do. It is me. And although the beer may be nice and the chocolate may be delicious, the run leaves me feeling relaxed, cleansed, and powerful! And that is just what I need to recharge for the next day.

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