Event Day

It is a day almost like any other day that has a huge event. Usually the big early morning events for me are races. Today it is Whale Day, a huge festival hosted by Pacific Whale Foundation, which I am a part of. Feel free to find out more at http://www.mauiwhalefestival.org/.

I am up at the wee hours with my husband and daughter still sleeping. That is par for the course in my life. But I am not running. I am set and ready to go. My preparedness plan pretty much followed the course for pre-race. Check....bag is pack. Check....sunscreen is here. Check....meditation and reflection time. Check...in proper uniform and ready to go. Ironically, I am wearing running shorts, I have a hat (that could serve as a running hat), and I don a pair of old Nike Pegasus running shoes. However, now my running shoe of choice is Nike Free Run. Now that is a shoe! What are your favorite running shoes?

I sit here waiting, typing, as I wait for my ride to arrive. And then yes, we go to my planned pre-event morning nourishment. However, that does not match race day in the least. No Powerbar with soymilk for me today. I really want that Diet Coke and Granola Bar. What can I say? Whale Day impacts me on a different level that a run!

Happy Running!

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