The Benefits of Running

Has anyone ever told you that running is hard on your body? I have received advice by many suggesting that as I get older I should run less to save damage to my body. I have even been told marathon training is for younger runners. My response....I am not the oldest runner out there and as long as I can run I will run!

But seriously, how can anyone argue that running is bad for me? Running has so many health benefits:
  • It is a great cardiovascular exercise and who can say cardio workouts are bad?
  • It releasing endorphins that can promote stress release.
  • It is a weight bearing exercise that can promote new cell growth in your bones and can be a means to prevent osteoporosis.
  • It is great for your muscles but increasing or maintaining muscle tone.
  • It can promote weight loss when done in accordance with a healthy diet.
But for me the benefits can extend beyond the general health benefits:
  • It is a sport I can do by myself, for myself. And yet, it is a sport I can involve my family in.
  • The general costs of the sport are low. My main cost is a good pair of running shoes.
  • It allows me a healthy means to engage my personal competitive nature even if I am only competing against myself and aiming to create new PR's. However, my training and running includes regular races to connect with and compete with other runners.
  • It allows me to connect to my spiritual self and brings my mind back to the moment.
  • It gives me time to just be me.

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